Finding Humor

I am still on this serious kick.  I so admire my friend, Kim, who can find humor in the hardest of situations.  I was reading her blog the other day while waiting in my physical therapist’s waiting room and burst out laughing so loud that I looked up and every person there was staring at me!  “Seriously”, you have to check out her blog: Life in the Crass Lane here on Word Press.

We all have our sad stories.  I think it is important to look at our issues and feel our pain, and it is also important to try to find the silver lining in our situation.  It is harder to see the humor, I think.  I have always looked at my life challenges to see if I can find a deeper meaning or a lesson I can learn.  I don’t always look for the humor.

I am going to take a lesson from my friend, Kim, and start to look at the humor as well as the lessons.  I am retired now, but when I was working, I was a mental health therapist.  We were not trained to be humorous with our clients.  We were trained to help them see what circumstances lead up to the present and how they may have played a roll in it and to help them have some understanding so that they could help their situation and their future.  It was serious business.

In retirement, I think I need to lighten up.  Maybe it is time to see the humor in life.


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