Too Serious

I just read my friend Kim’s blog.  She made me laugh so hard!  I immediately felt terrible about my blog post yesterday.  I was so serious.  I need to lighten up.  Not just on my blog, but in general.  I can be the life of the party when I am around people, but it is hard for me to let go when I write.  So I decided to seriously give this some mindful attention.  That is in keeping with my analytical personality.

So I observed that I was knocking myself because I was not as entertaining as my friend. Then I decided to quit beating myself up because I am not as funny as she is.  By the way, her blog is: Life in the crass lane here on Word Press.  Please check it out if you want to laugh!  Then I decided I was being judgmental and hard on myself.  Then I decided to let it go and accept that I am different and the result was that I felt so much better and lighthearted.

I guess the moral of this story is that we all have our special gifts and talents and we are much better off if we appreciate and grow what we have.


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