I have been thinking lately about what I want my writing to encompass.  My blog is my name and so I have been thinking that anything that occurs in my life is fair game!  I am a very organized person, so I have to have some kind of formula.  I began looking at what my purpose is in this lifetime.  I came up with the idea that if I am not mindful, no purpose no matter how important it is, could be attained without mindfulness.  So I am going to talk about my life but within the framework of being mindful.

Being mindful to me is being aware of my feelings and thoughts in every situation that I am experiencing in a wakeful state.  This awareness is like Zen meditation in that I become aware, observe without judgement and then release with an understanding of my feelings and thoughts.  That is my definition for the purposes of this blog.

So, I will be writing about events in my daily life that I have been mindful of, the process and any insights that I might have experienced.  I think that this will be very helpful to me and I hope that my writing about my experiences will be helpful to you.

So, here is my first description of a mindful state that I experienced today.  I wanted to write but felt very fearful that I would not have anything to write about.  What could I possibly have to contribute?  My feeling was fear.  I observed that I thought that I was not good enough to write anything that would matter to anyone, how could I expose my personal thoughts to strangers,  and would I fail because I could not be consistent in my writing habits? Then I reminded myself that the next step was to observe these thoughts and feelings without judgement.  Once I did this I was able to release.  I started to feel more at ease and then the fear went away.  I understood that by holding on to my fear, that I was completely blocking any chance of growth toward my being on the road to a mindful life or writing a blog that might help me or anyone else.

My awareness now is that I am feeling free and excited to continue this journey into a mindful life.  I am hoping that my mindfulness of my struggles and successes will benefit me as well as you.

By the way, I am not always this serious!  Sometimes you may find me funny.  But, as I write this, I am aware that my thoughts are of acceptance of my style and I am not judging it and my feelings changed to excitement and anticipation of what the next entry will be like.




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