Why rush?

Every time I find myself rushing, I stop and take a few deep breaths like I do in yoga.  I remind myself that I am ok and that everything will be fine.  So what if I am a few minutes late?  I usually have to sit and wait anyway!  But it is not just rushing to an appointment that I need to be aware of.  It is the rushing to move through my life.  I try to be a mindful person and become aware of every moment.  Not always easy!

My goal is to become aware and intentional in my every day moments.  I want to savor the moments that build to make up my life and my life’s journey.  My meditation practice helps me to become more aware.  Meditation slows me down.  Although, I have found myself rushing through my meditation!  I hear myself asking, “Is the timer about to go off?”  That is not the goal of meditation!

So, I continue to work on becoming more mindful and try not to rush through the unfolding of my life.

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