When I Felt Radiant…

This may seem odd to some women who had difficult pregnancies, but when I was pregnant, I felt the most beautiful and radiant in my entire life.  I strutted my stuff and I knew I was a magnificent creature.  I was carrying life!!!

In my opinion, I was doing the most important job of all jobs.  I felt healthy and I had a radiant glow that everyone saw.   Men I didn’t even know came up to me and asked if they could touch my belly.  Some women would have been embarrassed, but not me.  I knew I was irresistible and I was a beauty to behold!  I was an older pregnant lady.  My doctor thought that at 37 I was pushing being pregnant.  He told me that I could expect morning sickness and I told him, “I don’t do that!”  He just looked at me with disbelief, but I was right.  He worried about me giving birth and wanted me to be hooked up to all kinds of intravenous contraptions.  I assured him I would be fine and I was.

The most radiant I felt was when the nurse placed my darling baby girl in my arms.  I thought I was going to burst with love.  If you haven’t experienced it, there is no way I can describe the feeling to you.  But know it is the most wonderful feeling on Earth!

The only other times that I have felt close to the same radiance is when I have watched my beautiful, intelligent and compassionate daughter triumph over her own milestones.

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