Warning: Don’t go to the grocery store without makeup or doing your hair!

I have been very sick for a week and decided that I really had to go to the grocery store for some much needed provisions.  I took a shower yesterday and was so tired that I crashed on the bed and went to sleep with my hair wet.  Needless to say, that when I woke up, my grey hair looked like it had been caught in an industrial wind turbine and then sprayed with super glue to hold it in all sorts of weird positions.  I still felt puny so I didn’t even put on any makeup.  My mission was to get some Gatorade to replace my electrolytes.  After being sick, I looked gaunt, especially without makeup.

So I finally find the Gatorade without running into anyone I know.  That would be my worst nightmare!  I get to the checkout and all I want to do is make a quick getaway.  I also purchased two containers of soy milk for my smoothies (which I don’t know when I will feel like drinking one, but soon, hopefully.)  I am so intent on just getting out of there without being noticed, I don’t even have the nerve to make eye contact with the cashier.  Then the grocery bagger decides to ask me if I want the two containers of soy milk placed individually in two sacks…I ask why? and he says, “They might be too heavy for you to carry in one bag!”  Seriously???  I tell him that it will be fine and then he says, “Well, maybe you are stronger than you look!”  Are you kidding me???  Then I compulsively feel like I have to convince him I am not a feeble old lady by telling him I workout at least 2 days a week at the gym with a personal trainer and go to private yoga three times a week, plus walking 8,000 steps a day!!!  He just looks at me and my parting comment was, “Do I look like an old woman?”  He, thankfully, does not answer my question!

So I walk to my car in a driving gale force wind, which does more wonders for my hair!  I am putting the groceries in my car when a lady in her early 40’s says, “Let me take your cart back for you.”  I protest, but she insists.  I am like, “What the ?”

I get in my car and look in the mirror and what do I see?  You guessed it, someone who looks like an old feeble woman!!!

So, this is my warning…unless you want to be treated like an old and feeble woman  before your time, don’t go out of the house looking like one!



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